Consulting is first and foremost about trust - in the competence and goodwill of the other party. We have decades of experience in this and demonstrate our Proof of Competence every day. We are always proactively at your side and ensure that emerging threats are identified at an early stage. Appropriate measures are well planned and implemented in good time.

Information Security Management

As a first part of risk assesment, we analyze the status quo of your information security, based on this we develop a detailed plan together for implementing all necessary measures to be successful in the long term.

Support in Security Projects and Tenders

From the definition of requirements, product evaluations to procurement and acceptance, as your consulting company, we support you competently and discreetly in all aspects of your IT/OT security projects as well as in tenders.

Substation Engineering

We support you in the overall integration of IEC 61850, from product specification and tendering to engineering, FAT, SAT and commissioning across all SIA phases.

Information Security Management

Risk Management

  • Perform risk analysis and assist in the creation of the cyber risk map.
  • Support the Risk Manager in the management, assessment and prioritization of cyber risks (IT/OT).

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Planning of an appropriate ISMS
  • Implementation and introduction of an ISMS
  • Further development of an existing ISMS

Security Policy / Security Strategy

  • Support in the development of the integral security policy and security strategy.
  • Development of the necessary directives and guidelines according to valid industry and security standards in the area of IT and OT.

Security Organization / Processes

  • Development / enhancement of existing operational processes (e.g. Incident Response Plan, Vulnerability Management) with regard to requirements and aspects of information security in the IT and OT areas.
  • Development and implementation of the necessary security organization.

Security Concepts

  • Development and review of technical security concepts as well as security  architectures in the area of industrial control systems of OT.

Support in Security Projects and Tenders

Solution and Product Evaluation

  • Creation of product-specific functional requirements
  • Provision of production-related environments (laboratory) for the execution of product tests in the overall system
  • Leading and conducting product tests and overall solutions in the OT-Security area
  • Creation of technical evaluation reports as a basis for decision-making for overall solutions
  • Preparation of technical tender documents with the suitability criteria as well as the product-specific functional requirements for cyber security
  • Accompanying or leading the procurement process from the definition of requirements and evaluation to factory acceptance tests and commissioning

Preparation of Tender Documents

  • Creation of the requirement catalogues based on the company risk profile as well as detailed analysis and reporting of existing security architecture and security concepts

Project Management Support

  • Project management in the area of security of industrial control systems
  • Support in roll-out projects regarding configuration of security components as well as integration into the OT security architecture

Substation Engineering

Project Acceptances

  • Commissioning and support during acceptance tests in the field of secondary technology of switchgear regarding IEC 61850 in substations (POC, FAT, SAT, IBS)
  • Support during acceptances regarding cyber security at ICS

Secondary Technology SAS

  • Support in the area of IEC 61850 engineering of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) of secondary technology as well as station control technology and networks of switchgear in substations
  • Support in the area of cyber security according to the corresponding standards for specifications FAT/SAT and commissioning
  • Project Management

Project Management Support

  • Support of Project Management in the field of secondary technology of switchgears regarding IEC61850 and cyber security in substations.

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