OT Cyber Security Services

The best Cyber Security Services for your Company

We offer solutions with a holistic view of Cyber Security with a sense of proportion for the measures required to protect critical infrastructures.


Consulting is first and foremost about trust - in the competence and goodwill of the other party. We have decades of experience in this and demonstrate our Proof of Competence every day. We are always proactively at your side and ensure that emerging threats are identified at an early stage. Appropriate measures are well planned and implemented in good time.

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Audit and Testing

Our auditing and testing services, based on current guidelines and standards in IT and OT environments, support your company in identifying cyber threats and adequate protection measures. We assess your existing environment, perform risk analysis, plan and implement the necessary control mechanisms, define measures and their prioritization.

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We want to pass on our wealth of experience - to current and next generations. ALSEC is your strong and competent partner for education and training in the IT/OT security environment.

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CISO as a Service

Maintaining the crucial specialized cyber security knowledge necessary, especially OT (Operational Technology) by yourselves is cost- and ressource-intensive. We provide you with the know-how on a flexible basis at any time. In this way, you have comprehensive dynamic support for your information security at all times. Our cyber security services prepare your critical infrastructure to the required level, increasing resilience for new threats at any time.

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IT/OT Cyber Lab

ALSEC offers a practical laboratory for critical infrastructures of energy supply companies (EVU), which complies with the current cyber security specifications of the industry and contains all current technologies. It includes 6 substations connected to a central control system with SCADA. We make this practical lab available to a wide audience for practical solutions, integration and training and this can also be well adapted to other industries. It includes 6 substations with local SCADA and gateway, as well as the IED`s, a process simulator, the secondary supply and an intrusion detection system. The setup is prepared for process bus integration. A central control system SCADA is supplied with all data via gateways.

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